Persia Group
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Persia Group offers numerous services ranging from:

Legal advice on international commercial and corporate matters, such as contract negotiation and implementation, joint venture negotiations (formation and exit), company set-ups and liquidations, any verification and validation of legal issues, trade mark and patent registrations, trustee agreements, legal representations and much more.

The group also offers independently financial services, such as accounting, book-keeping and payroll services.

On top of that and in a separate entity, strategic consulting services are being maintained: complex market analysis, partner searches, fact finding missions, business development and recruitment and human resources management.

Through another specialized group company, expert official translations of legal and commercial texts in a very accurate manner are being provided, both for German and English languages.

Last but not least, is the professional trade arm of the group with many years of experience in import of fast moving consumer goods, especially Stationary and Toys and the export of Essential Oils to Europe and Japan.


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